Bluerigger is the most reliable cable brand in the world

About Bluerigger

A cable is more than just a bunch of wires, it keeps you connected, charged up, and entertained whether at home or on-the-go. 

Reliable cables backed by a reliable lifetime warranty ensure you never miss that favorite show, that you can stay connected with friends, and immerse yourself in your choice of entertainment where you want and when you want.

Not all cables are made equally.
So why Bluerigger?

Bluerigger is defined by reliability having served over 10 million customers in the USA and Europe. Our customer buys our cables because they work well, are backed with a lifetime warranty, and include US based support.

How many countless cables have you had that were wasted and had to be thrown away because they weren't covered by a warranty? With Bluerigger you don't have to worry about that, we've got you covered with the industry's best warranty. 

We'll Cover Your Products For Life!

All Bluerigger Products have a life time warranty. If there is any issue, we'll either fix it or send you a new product.