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BlueRigger RG6 Coaxial Cable ( Male F Type Connector Pin, Gold Plated, Triple Shielded) – Digital Audio Video Coax Cable Cord for HDTV, CATV, Cable Modem, Satellite Receivers


A superior vendor of A/V cables

This BlueRigger cable had many reviews, all laudatory. Since I've been completely satisfied with a number of other electrical and optical BlueRigger A/V cables I've purchased, I had no hesitation in selecting this product.


Video quality is excellent, with no interference or video noise.
I find 6.6 ft (2 meters) plenty for comfortably placement of both the computer and monitor.

Excellent cable! Works perfectly for our intended use!

FIVE STARS and highest recommendation for quality and price/value consideration. I would absolutely buy again. Superb!

I've had good luck with BlueRigger cables, and these Toslink cables are no exception.

BlueRigger won out for me on quality - these have worn the best over the same time period, they stay tight in the port over the long haul and have never had a connector fail or crack.